Friday, June 13, 2008

Enjoy the pictures!

I think it has been a while since I posted any pictures. All three kids had their summer hair cuts done the other day, then Mia and I painted toenails this morning, and we did her fingernails for the first time. It's clear with a touch of glitter - which is why you can barely see it in the pictures.

Besides getting hair cuts, we also went to a very cool farmers market nearby that I read about on The kids got a 500 yen coin to blow on whatever they wanted. I see it as a small investment with a big payoff. They chose such cool things - well, there was so much to choose from: fresh fruits and veggies, local crafts including pottery, dishcloths, and market bags, rice being ground into flour right in front of very eyes, fresh fish, prepared foods, baked goods, locally made candies, fresh cut flowers, OMG too much to list! We took a walk around and looked at everything first, then got a cart and started filling it. They each chose a baby pineapple for 100 yen; it was about the size of grapefruit. Simon and Mia picked up some cherry tomatoes for 100 yen, I think I have posted here about how pricey they are at the commissary. Chas and Simon chose some candy and Simon found ube covered peanuts too! Mia chose some fresh cut purple flowers, and she and I got matching mesh market bags made out of blue plastic cord, they packed her purchases in her bag for at the checkout and she carried the bag of goods to the car like a little lady. Oh, and over by the prepared foods area someone offered Mia a deep fried minnow-like fishie on a toothpick - whole, I am talking tail. head. eyes. all of it. And she ATE it. Her brothers wouldn't even try it, and don't even ask, of course I didn't either. She said it was crunchy and hurt her throat a little. I regret not getting pictures to share with you all. But, truly, we went as an experience for the kids, not for the photo opportunity. But maybe we'll get Tim over there this weekend and he can shoot some pics.

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