Monday, June 09, 2008

10 more days...

As I know you all are following our fascinating saga of the furniture shipment that just won't's the latest news:

it seems to have stalled in Korea, for reasons no one has explained to us.
Nor do we know why it went to Korea in the first place. We were simply told that it would take another week or so to get here from there, and then a day or so to get through Japanese customs. And we are at their mercy, with no recourse - we can't demand a refund, or even a discount, we can't demand that they go get the shipment and deliver it immediately. We are simply stuck.
I know we'll be fine, if we can live [semi] comfortably for these last 8 weeks without all that stuff, we can probably wait another ten days. I just don't wanna.

But I promise you this... the first person who dares utter the phrase 'semper gumby' within my earshot, will promptly regret it. The first time I heard that phrase was the morning we found out the newcomer's brief was an all day class and not just half day, forcing us to leave our precious three with strangers at the last minute. Five days after we arrived, still jetlagged, with the beginnings of culture shock setting in, we left our hotel at 6 am with all three in tow expecting to keep them with us through the morning and just hoping for the best. Poor communication on ... somebody's .... part required flexibility on my part. Um... no, I don't wanna. That phrase represents to me 'their' expectation of me to adjust to 'their' poor planning and quietly accept 'their' disregard for the consequences of 'their' actions on other people.



meredith said...


I wanted to ask your advice about the Island Newbies page on Okinawa Hai. Since you're in the midst of adjusting I would love to hear your perspective regarding what on that page was relevant, what wasn't and what you wanted there but didn't find there.

No pressure to do this. I know you have plenty to do. Your perspective is much more fresh than the rest of us so I thought I'd see if you had the energy to give us some truth!

Thanks so much for letting us link to your blog and for all your thoughtful comments!


meredith said...
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Anonymous said...


I just wanted to let you know I have been lurking at your blog. We will be moving to Okinawa (Kadena) mid to late July, so I have really enjoyed reading about how the process worked for you. I feel much more prepared now and I really enjoy reading your blog :)

Amy :)