Saturday, June 14, 2008

more mia-isms

When Mia talks, it gives a clue as to how she hears certain things. As a here-to-fore nonreader, it's not surprising the zingers she comes up with... she keeps us laughing.

print - as in Sleeping Beauty is going to 'print' her finger on the spinning wheel when she grows up
college - as in the house where Sleeping Beauty lives with the three fairies

and from today...

Salmon San Diego - as in Carmen San Diego, criminal mastermind from the late 80s computer game and early 90s cartoon series Where in the World is Carmen San Diego? For some unknown reason, somewhere along the line it became Where on Earth is Carmen San Diego?

I remember certain moments after Chas learned to read, when he self-corrected several of his cutest mispronunciations much to his own delight. 'Foon' became 'spoon' as he was emptying the dishwasher silverware tray one day. Mia realizes that her brothers laugh when she gets something a little off and thoroughly enjoys the attention.

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