Sunday, June 08, 2008

she's just full of it this morning

after repeated warnings about jumping on the beds, and jumping from one bed to the other, despite numerous discussions about personal accountability and doing the right thing even when there are no adults around to see, the problem persists... we have given permission for the children to tattle on each other on this one... usually if the person is not hurting themselves or the potential tattler, or hurting some important possession of either person or the collective family then tattling is not allowed.
So Chas calls me on the intercomm phone to tell me that Mia, after his big-brotherly warning, plainly stated she wanted to be a 'naughty girl' and proceeded to jump on the bed anyway. So I asked her to come downstairs to talk to me. As soon as she entered the room, with her blank-y covering her bum... 'I changed my mind, I don't want to be a naughty girl anymore.'
oh really?

last night, lamenting that she doesn't want to sleep alone, when the boys have each other, side by side at the oher end of the room. 'Well, baby girl, even if we have another baby now, it takes time to grow inside Mommy's tummy, and then it has to get older before it can sleep in your bed with you.' Her response? 'Well as soon as it's born,, we can start having birthdays for it, on the first day can be its first birthday, and then the next day it can have another birthday, and keep having birthdays until it's big enough to be with me at night.'

I could write a book of Mia-isms.

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Anonymous said...

i had that exact same concept of age at her age. interesting...--Kelley