Thursday, April 17, 2008

Sounds of morning in Okinawa

reveille - which I haven't heard in a long time ,
followed by the star spangled, and the flag clanging it's way up to the top (can't see it from here, though)
a papa-san working on the landscaping, happily snipping and clipping away,
the breeze fluttering on the vertical blinds, beach houses always seem to have those, the sound is a little comforting

jets and helicopters - been a long time since we have lived so close to an air station

songs I don't recognize from birds I have yet to learn the names of.

Notice I did not list the children among my 'sounds of morning'? They are sleeping, thank GOD. We got into our room around 11pm, they were lights out by 11:30, but Mia and Simon were delighted to be awake at 3am. They were having a party in there - Mia is on a roll-away cot, right up next to Simon's bed. I stumbled in there to get the benadryl, and Simon tried, several times, to tell me a knock-knock joke. I was so tired I could barely form the words to tell him that it was not the time for jokes. 20 minutes later they were still partying and they woke up Tim (a normally heavy sleeper) so he went in and set up a movie for them. So, yes, I drugged my children and set them in front of a tv, but in my defense, it was for their benefit, and the good news is that they probably won't need it again. We were soooo tired when we got in, I was in a cloud, and the poor kids were stumbling their way through the last two airports. But I think it will help in getting all of us adjusted to the time quicker.

Today's plan is to get the swelling in my feet to go down, then find the laundry room and the playground (on-site, yeah!). The sky is blue and it is cool but pleasant outside. Tim had to go into work all fancied up and meet the BIG guys, and then he'll be back to pick us up at 1:30 pm for an appointment at the housing office. Even if we decide to look out in town, they'll give us a list of approved rental agencies to go through, and shows all the proper steps for reimbursing the extra set-up costs that are involved.
I'll post the travel story soon. Meanwhile, check out the new link to on my sidebar. There is a lot going on here on the island and this site keeps a close eye on just about everything.


nana judith said...

Ah, what a lovely opening few lines! We are so full of joy that you've arrived safely and that you were able to keep everyone posted. I watched online for each take-off and landing, all through the night, praying you in. It was very exciting to see the plane 'land' at 8:20 a.m. eastern time, and know you were finally 'home.'

Jax and company said...

Simon and Mia are awake now. When I asked them about their little soiree last night they said they were playing American's Funniest Videos with their digital photo stuffed animals, pretending Simon's bed was quicksand and water. I didn't get too many details, I am just delighted that they had a private moment in which they enjoyed each other's company, without arguing. I am hoping for better timing next time, though.

oh, there's Chas up, now.

Anonymous said...

We miss you!!!!But are glad you are safe in your new home enviroment. Your opening statement of sounds, sounded peaceful and patriotic. Love to see a picture of Tim in full dress. I only saw him in shorts and flip-flops here! Give yourself and the kids a big hug and kiss from us. We really do miss you a lot. Co-op ended fine. Hayde is taking it over!!!

maryellenlewis said...

Glad you made it safely! I had a dream last night about flying to China with 3 kids (what??) Suffice it to say that you have been in my thoughts, both conscious and subconscious. ;)