Thursday, April 17, 2008

More like AAAhhhhhhh-kinawa

We're here. Okinawa at last. Kids are in bed. Jax is in bed. I still have to get cleaned up and ready for work in the morning. (Again, this is Tim. Jax will post on her blog soon enough.)

Tomorrow will be busy. I've got checking in all over the island in the morning and Jax and I've got a housing appointment for the afternoon. After that, we've got the weekend to catch up on rest, blog, and explore the island.

We're all going to blog on our own experiences, I'm sure, so the other blogs are going to be updated as well so check them out as you may.

I'm going to bed. Thanks for al the well-wishing. It worked.

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Josee said...

Hehe... reminds me of something I once told a friend of mine ... "See, I worried and it all turned out okay. So worrying must work, right?" Not that I worried about you guys, of course.