Friday, April 18, 2008

Sagasu ie

I forgot the camera yesterday, I am very sorry. We are house hunting today (sagasu ie!)... I'll try to get some shots today. I don't know if we'll get to see this house today or not - but it is my current favorite. Another we are interested in is called Minato (Japanese for harbor). Our appointment today, however, is with an agency that comes highly recommended but somehow does not have their listings online. So we have no idea what they will show us. They are picking us up at the lodge, all of the agencies do this apparently.
In other news, our sponsor took us to the commissary yesterday afternoon. We have a simple kitchenette here and he picked up groceries for us the day we arrived, so the fridge was stocked already. But I picked up a few more things and tried to look around to get a feel for what's available and not, and how the prices compare. They have some Japanese products mixed in with popular American items, and prices were higher than normal commissary prices, but still less, as far as I can tell, than regular civilian retail. The strangest thing we saw was a pack of two carrots, 2 inches in diameter each, and about 8 inches long. We'll have to get them when we get settled and have a knife big enough to cut them up. Or we can just pretend we are rabbits and risk breaking our teeth. Tim points out that rabbits routinely eat carrots bigger than their heads.
Okay, so...
We also stopped in at the post office and got our new address. I think I'll be mailing postcards by snail mail with the new address soon, but if you need it before then, please ask, I'll email it to you.
Today or tomorrow, I am hoping to get to a store called Drug 11 to get Mia some Japanese pull-ups. I have the brand name in mind that I want to find, and the Japanese phrase that I want to say in order to find it in the store. I may try to ask around, also, for a yarn store. Mia and I learned the words for 'pink' and 'purple' and 'daughter/girl', and the word 'or' and I am trying to find some way to ask for the correct size for her weight. I'll be sure to report on the experience.
The kids are not getting antsy per se, in the hotel, but they are wondering when we'll see our stuff again. I explained to Simon that we don't have place to put all of the stuff. And he suggested the empty dresser that the TV sits on.

More later, I am sure, when we return from househunting.

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Josee said...

Seems like you just convert pounds to kilograms (re: figuring out the size for Mia). Loved the house with a water view in the background. Looks almost like a beach house! Jimmy is trying to figure out the Web cam thing tonight/tomorrow.