Saturday, July 07, 2007

when we arrived...
when Josee's family arrived
Baby Cousin Dan and our three monkeys
Mia and Mommy on a walk through Nana and PopPop's neighborhood,
which backs to the NC Art Museum.Tim and Nigel take a rest at the entrance to the foot bridge over the beltline, just a short walk from Nana and PopPop's new house. It was hot this day, and he had his fur coat on, but Nigel was a trooper.
PopPop and Simon love to take pictures, often times of each other, and at the same time.
Josee and Dan (7 months) in Nana and PopPop's kitchen.
Four cousins swimming on Nana and PopPop's back porch, July 4th. Can't figure out why I have no pictures of the fifth monkey, 10 month old Isaac.
Interesting development... Simon was making a non-traditional paper airplane, this part shown here is a wing. I was trying to show in the picture how he had written 'my airplan' completely and perfectly backwards. This fascinates me. Recently I read a part of How Children Learn by John Holt which addresses common, and often incorrect, ways people attempt to diagnose and treat learning disabled children and adults. More on this later.

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