Friday, June 22, 2007

far away cousin box

When Mia was a baby and Tim was deployed to Iraq, we (the boys and I) made a box like this for her so she could see pictures of her daddy. It had several pictures of him from different angles, in different light and setttings. She could hold onto it, turn it over and around, lick it, stand on it, etc. It was all hers. She had no trouble accepting him as her dad when he returned after 7 months gone - she was 13 months old when he returned. I'll never know if the box had anything to do with it. She still has the box, though she doesn't play with it - it sits on her dresser top.
Well, now we live far away from the kids' new cousin Dan (my sister's 7 month old baby). We are able to watch videos of him on Youtube, and get pictures from their blog, but for Dan, though, we made a baby-friendly picture box. This box had raw sugar in it. When it was empty, we added some dried black beans, taped the spout closed, and covered it in tissue paper to hide the package writing. Then we covered it with torn tissue paper in lots of bright colors, added recent pictures of our three monkeys, and contact paper to protect it all. I can never get the contact paper to wrap and secure well at the ends, so I added some packing tape over the ends.

Very secure, not indestructible, but sure to provide lots of noisy fun for little man.

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