Monday, February 20, 2006


Simon ate lunch today, rice in chicken broth and a piece of french bread, which he delighted in dipping in his broth. 'Mmmm. That's yummy, Mom, thanks for saying that I could dip my bread in my soup.' He was even off the couch and went back to his room for a while. I also noticed that his lips are peeling. They did have a layer of dry skin on them, which was stained blue from the gatorade. But he was chewing on his lips and the blue skin was peeling off. Then, while I was reading on the couch (Mia went down for her nap), Chas called me in to see something on the computer. We discovered that Simon had fallen asleep curled up in a ball on the glider stool (I have fashioned zip ties around the base of it so it doesn't rock, the boys use it for extra seating at the computer desk). So precious! After snapping a picture, I tried to move him to his bed. He woke up unhappy and claiming he wasn't tired! I got him a drink and lay down with him for a minute and he went right back to sleep.

Now Mia, after nursing down for nap, proceeded to throw up her milk all over herself. I stuck her in the tub to clean up and she went down for nap fine after that, even nursed and kept it down. I just got a call from a nurse at the ER where we were on Saturday. I guess they cultured her sample and found a 'colony' of bacterium, borderline enough to treat. But since I had reported to the doctor that her wet diapers had a strange odor, they would like her to take a round of antibiotics. They are calling it in to our pharmacy.

Chas is pretty silly - he is next to me trying to concentrate on his school work, but has taken a break to smell his own feet which is quite funny- to him. Now he has read my blog and is laughing uncontrollably. Tears of laughter... Yes, I am funnier than fractions apparently.


maryellenlewis said...

Thanks for keeping us updated. Caroline is teething like a mad woman these days. She has like eight teeth coming in. We are getting no sleep either.
-Mary Ellen

Anonymous said...

Poor babies. Hopefully you and Charlie will not get this. We have been battling "The Grud" as the doctor calls it. (upper resporatory infection) One gets well the next one gets sick. Even at the shop