Monday, February 20, 2006

Mia's fever has broke, but she now has swollen gums and is still very clingy and needy. She begs to be held, when I am already holding her. The doctor at the ER said she had so much dried white earwax in her ears that it was impossible to see if she had an ear infection (not likely though b/c she has not had a cold). But they did recommend we soften the earwax with over the counter drops and then have them cleaned out by her reguuar pediatrician. So we wrestle four times a day to get the drops in. We'll have to drive to Jacksonville sometime this week to have her ears checked.

Simon tried to eat last night (a little too much, too soon, I think) but couldn't hold it down. Today he has had a lollipop and some gatorade, plus a few small cups of water and nothing has come up yet. He is motionless on the couch, eyes half open. Poor guy. But nothing out of the other end since yesterday, which is good, right? And he is still making it to the bathroom on time, this illness has not affected his new skills.

Chas is reading a Batman chapter book this morning. He's feeling fine, as you can tell.

Oh, and Tim went back to work last night. I drove him, while Nana cared for the kids. I got back so late, that she stayed overnight and left for work this morning after everyone got up.

I can't believe it is only 10 o'clock... I thought it was going to be along week, maybe I should just take it one DAY at a time.

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