Tuesday, February 21, 2006

up and running

Today is more normal than we have had in a while. Simon is up and playing, and he and Chas managed to dump out every box of cars in their room before I even got out of bed (I was laying there watching Dr. Phil, till about 9:30). Simon talked non stop through breakfast about 'unicycles' and how he 'probably' new about them because he saw them on the Berenstain Bears on PBS Kids. He didn't eat much, but he seems better in general. Mia has a gurgly tummy, but has not vomitted again. Since her diet is mostly mother's milk, she is not likely to get as sick as Simon did. She is axpanding her vocabulary faster than ever. She'll try to give me something, and if I don't take it, look out - MOMMY! have it. She told me she was 'full' when she was ready to be excused from the breakfast table. She also helps herself to the kitchen drawers, handing out each boy's silverware - somehow she knows which color belongs to whom. Simon has the green set, Chas' is blue, and hers is orange. She can recognize a few shapes, mainly the ones which appear on her clothes - heart, star, and circle (which is easy for her to say). And when I ask her what color barrette she wants... PINK. Always pink.

Thanks everyone for the thoughts and prayers, I am certain that's what kept this down to a short ordeal.

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maryellenlewis said...

Prayer is powerful! I am so happy! I am off to shop for groceries and sign up for my crochet class. Love, ME