Thursday, August 11, 2005

PopPop posts pics too

Check out my dad's blogger for a picture taken Saturday of our arrival in Manhattan.

We will be heading home on Saturday. I know a lot of people are concerned for our safe travels. Tim's brother Todd will be driving with us to Washington DC, and then we'll meet my parents a little farther south of there. They'll see us safely home. Keep us in your prayers, though. It has been a long week for the little people. Mia has reverted to screaming again, although it seems mostly driven by preverbal frustration rather than the pure fun it was previously. I, however, have been experiencing frustration of the post-verbal kind. I have been using a few baby sign language techniques. She responds to quite a few signs and has even initiated the 'eat/food/hungry' sign. But in the mean time, we will get out the decibel meter again. The screams are so high pitched that they hurt our ears and poor baby Caroline is terrified.

We'll post again after we get home Saturday!

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