Sunday, August 14, 2005

there's no place like home...

What a loooooong day. We left Staten Island at 7:15 this morning, and didn't arrive home in Clayton until about 8:30 tonight. Uncle Todd drove us into Washington D.C., and then we left him at Union Station to find his way back home by rail. I navigated my way out of D.C. on my own, and drove onward south at a slow crawl (took about one hour to drive 20 miles, near Quantico in Virginia) as far as I could stand Mia's screaming, then decided to stop at Wendy's in Fredicksburg for lunch. Thirty-five minutes in line and we finally got our two kid's meals and a rotten salad and shuffled over to a greasy table. Nana and PopPop arrived there shortly after. PopPop led the wagon train down I-95, while Nana drove our minivan. I am getting pretty good at contorting myself for Mia to nurse while still trapped, I mean strapped, into her car seat. I went ahead and placed her car seat facing forward for the trip back. She is just two weeks shy of her first birthday, and I thought it would help her to face forward for a change. Chas and Simon were so good and so quiet the whole way. They were so weary of traveling, but didn't sleep hardly at all. They are so happy to be home that they are getting along and spotaneously sharing and even obeying. But they are in bed now. Nana and PopPop helped get everyone bathed, in jammies, and fed a quick supper, and they helped unload the van. They even brought a few groceries to fill our (very empty) fridge. Which is a great thing, because I don't think we want to try to get back in the van for a while.

Oh and we heard from Tim, he called on my cell phone some where near the Virginia border. He is doing well, the end is in sight! He estimates about 4 weeks till he leaves country, then it could take up to a week to arrive back stateside. Tim has asked me to thank everyone profusely for their help in getting us to and from New York. We couldn't have gotten there and back on our own.

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