Wednesday, August 10, 2005

The Demise of The Vintage Stroller

I think the mad dash to the ferry terminal was too much to ask of our pitiful stroller. Either that or the weight of both boys was too much. We had to break the seat backs off their tracks to get it to fold up to get in the van on the way home. Then Sunday, Mary Ellen and I took all four kids to Babies-R-Us. We looked at the shiny new double strollers on the shelf and then looked at mine. I sighed heavily when I realized that the new one was the same price as I paid for the vintage one. With lots of encouragement from Mary Ellen, I decided on the Jeep brand double stroller, made by Kolcraft. It has a cup holder! It also has independent canopies, and a very cool feature - the padding on the seat backs rolls up revealing a breathable mesh layer and then stores itself as a pillow for the rider. So we took the Doubler out for a spin at the fabric store. Mary Ellen has a new sewing machine and a project in the works, a mini quilt/playmat for Caroline.
It is a little bit disappointing, the knowledge that even I can make mistakes (jk), but I am reassured knowing that Tim will understand. He is a wonderful man, and has always alloweed me the space to make these kinds of decisions while he is away, and he knows that when he is home and I am able to consult him, I do. And really, $80 is a lot to lose on a mistake, but I would like to think it could be worse. And at least no one was hurt. Now all that's left is what to do with the old one. I may donate it to the thrift store and take the receipt for a tax deduction. Or just throw it away, so no one else gets stuck with a mistake.

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