Monday, March 21, 2005

Charlie's thoughts on Spring

no leevs on the tees yet

gras is groin,

jest rit,

peapel eeting owtsid

we droo pictrs

We had gorgeous weather today. Uncle Jim and Aunt Josee, and Bob, their dog, came out to visit, and so did Uncle Paul, and his new wife Rosalie. Uncle Jim finished the hardware on the gate he built for our side porch. And we all played outside before sitting down to enjoy baked sweet potatoes, baked potatoes, a giant farmer's market salad, and baked beans, as well as ham, chicken breast, and salmon that Uncle Paul grilled. Tonight after dinner, Chas and Simon sat down to draw and write in their journals. I asked Chas how do we know Spring is here. And above is what he wrote. "no leaves on the trees yet, grass is growing, just right, people eating outside, we drew pictures". I am still having trouble with some viruses on my computer, so I am unable to run the photo manager program in order to post pictures. I'll keep working on it. Hope you everyone else is enjoying Spring as much as we are.

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