Friday, March 11, 2005

A busy morning for Mia Beth

The boys are with Nana this morning. A perfect time for me to finally try that old yoga video I bought 7 years ago. The opening of the video suggests a warm, quiet place out of direct sunlight, free of distraction. Hmmm. I wonder if I could see the benefits anyway, despite the baby crawling over me, pulling my hair, falling headfirst on the marble fireplace (she's going for _two_ black eyes), stripping the already pathetic ficus of a few leaves for her breakfast, sipping sour milk from a stray sippy cup (don't ask me where she found it), tearing the boys school work off the fridge (it's very colorful), and trying to place that odd taste, what is it? oh yeah - the applique butterfly on her sweatshirt. She screams in frustration when trying to crawl on the linoleum, it's slippery stuff.

Now that my yoga routine is finished, she has moved on to safer things, eating a wooden puzzle piece with one hand and banging another on the wall with the other hand. Oh did I mention we have only been up for about 45 minutes? It is now 8:21 am.

Later just us girls are off to Lowe's to do some research. The kitchen floor needs to be replaced, and I have drawn out a built-in bookshelf/bench deal that I want to build for the foyer. Also, I want to add wainscotting to the front of our tub surround in the master bathroom, and build a gate for the side porch so the kids can play out there without fear of falling down the stairs. I also want to buy a storm door for the front door. And add a light in th laundry closet. I know this sounds like a lot, and it is. Some of it may not get done, but if I try to do one project a month then before I know it, Tim will be home.

I guess Mia is finally tiring out, I think it is nap time.

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