Sunday, June 30, 2013

Creuset Cookware Cleaning Tip

I found a method to clean the crusty bits from the bottom of my enameled cast iron Le Creuset cookware.  I remembered my MIL saying something about salt for cleaning seasoned cast iron, so I knew the salt would be abrasive enough for the job.  But rubbing the salt (I used maybe 2 tablespoons or so) around with the wet sponge only caused the salt to dissolve before it could do its job.  I grabbed the nearest thing to the sink, a Pampered Chef scraper, and first tried scraping with the edge, as it was meant to be used, but not enough of the salt came in contact with the crusty bits. I set it down flat on the salt and scrubbed in circles.  I used very little effort at all, a quick rinse and the pan was clean!  No need to soak the pan first. 

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