Monday, February 28, 2011


Here's the chart for the Groundspeak Logo! Unsure how to add this to your own project?

For the hat, I made a swatch with the needle and yarn I wanted to use, and did a little math to work out that 6 repeats of the chart fit around a man’s size hat. I fudged and worked with the number of stitches between the charts to make it work out just right.
For the brown and white hat, I used the regular guy beanie pattern which worked out well for six repeats of this chart, with little rivets (2 stitch by 2 stitch blocks) added in to anchor the floats on the backside. I used worsted weight yarn and either a US7 or US8 needle, or maybe both.

For instance, if the chart swatch equals 3" across, NOT including any margin stitches, and I want a hat with a circumference of 20", I'll make six repeats (makes only 18") of the chart around and add in a few stitches between repeats to make up the other 2", plus a few more for 'ease'. I found with intarsia and stranding on hats it's very difficult to get the tension right, and the stretch involved with putting a hat on can distort the stitches and make the strands of the backside show through.


Anonymous said...

Awesome! However, this isn't actually the Groundspeak logo - that has the 4 squares, the geo-person and the flag. This is the more generic geocaching "found it" symbol. :)

nettie said...

Kudos to the designer!!!!! The name doesn't matter.....we all knew what you meant:) Happy caching and knitting!!!!!

Julie said...

Would you be ok with people using your pattern to make projects to sell like hats or mittens?