Monday, September 01, 2008

recent Finished Objects - FO's!!!

baby hat - gift for Tim's co-worker's new son
bamboo tank top - for Mia
Tawashi Mop Cover - for dry dusting wood floors, originally for my sister, but Simon and Mia have commandeered this and are enjoying cleaning sooo much, I can't bear to take it away.
sorry Jo.
Garterlac bathroom rug - slightly dissapointed with the mis-shapen-ness, but it is oh so soft on the feet.very tiny one piece baby kimono - work-in-progress, for no one in particular, yet; we have several friends and family members expecting, maybe someone will have a girl.
(Tim says I must add this disclaimer: no, we aren't pregnant)


The WilsonFam said...

cute!!!!! Love the rug, was it a free pattern...pass it on darling. I also am finishing a white hat for our baby, ironic. love ya

maryellenlewis said...

Wow! Love your creations!

Anonymous said...

I love Mia's top! Brice has a shirt made out of bamboo (I did NOT make it) and he just loves it for being bamboo.--Cousin Kelley