Tuesday, September 02, 2008

on this day in history...

I went back as far as my blog goes and this is what I came up with.

Three years ago
Tim had just returned from his second tour in Iraq. Mia was 13 months old, Simon was 3 years old and Chas was nearly 5 years old. We were living in our house in Clayton, NC and Tim was commuting home on the weekends from Camp Lejeune when he wasn't deployed. This was a necessity as the housing market was poor in that area at the time. We bought Tim's Mini Cooper on Ebay from a dealer in Long Island, NY a month or two after he returned, and the following May we would finally find a buyer and move to Jacksonville, NC.

Two years ago
The highlights of September 2006 include a new dog, new piano, and a new camera. Oh and lots of normalcy, as Tim was not deployed, and we were actually living in the same house. We were homeschooling a little more formally, and Simon learned to read, while Mia learned her colors, and Chas spent lots of time writing stories in his journal. We took lots of field trips and had many playdates with friends like the Wilson's and the Townsend's. The following December, we would get our first PCS orders, to the Capital Region. We settled in to a large townhouse in Alexandria Va and joined the homeschool group at Fort Belvoir.

One year ago
Living in Alexandria Va, we were enjoying the last few days of summer taking our restored 1950s era Beetle Falcon sailboat out on the Potomac River. The month before we were served some bad news; the owner of our townhouse had defaulted on his mortgage and the bank was preparing to repossess the house. Lots of househunting ensued and we settled in another large townhouse near Fort Belvoir. I had volunteered to direct our homeschool group's co-op which started the same week we had to move. We entertained a houseful of guests at Thanksgiving and took the train to NYC for Christmas. February brought orders to Okinawa and by April we had arrived.

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