Monday, September 08, 2008

how many moves?

Chas and I were discussing the fact that at ten years old, military kids get their ID cards. And if they live on base, they can ride their bikes around to get from one place to another, like the library. Of course, we live off base and it's too far for him to ride his bike. He suggested that sometime in the three years we live here, we might move closer to base. I explained that we would probably stay in this one house for three whole years. Well, the poor kid looked confused and almost disappointed.
And it's no mystery why: since Tim and I were married in October of 1997, we have moved 9 times in 11 years, 5 of those just in the last 3 years.

10/97 - into our first apartment in Jacksonville, NC
4/99 - into our apartment in Raleigh, near NC State University
8/99 - into our first house, which we bought in Clayton NC
8/03 - into a rental in Jacksonville NC (tenants in the Clayton house)
1/05 - back to the house in Clayton
5/06 - back to Jacksonville NC (sold Clayton house)
1/07 - into rental townhouse in Alexandria Va (later foreclosed upon)
10/07 - into another rental townhouse in Alexandria
4/08 - into a rental in Okinawa City

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