Thursday, February 28, 2008

it's always something...

So upon reading that there is an option for the dog to undergo an on-base, in-home quarantine in Japan, we had our flights adjusted to accommodate the dog joining us (all legs of the journey need to be under 12 hours). Only to find out that All Nippon Airlines (our final leg from Osaka to Naha) has a crate size restriction of 19" width. Doesn't sound so narrow, right? Well, crates for sale on the internet which state this width, are about the same for height, and Nigel is 22" at the shoulder. So we are back to where we started... oh wait, no were not.
We now have an 9 hour layover - 12 am until 845 am in LA and have to change planes in San Fransisco, as well as Dulles, LA, and Osaka, before finally arriving in Naha at 9 pm - Okinawa time, mind you - which will actually be 11 oclock in the morning for our happy band of travelers.

It's an adventure. It's adventure. It's an adventure.

Besides this news about the dog, there is also the news that the overseas suitability screenings office is backed up until March 23. There are roughly 500 things to be done, and some have to occur in a certain order. These appointments could not be scheduled until some other form had been printed, and they have to be completed 30 days in advance of detachment.

So I revert to my DGF's sage advice. Breathe in... breathe out... take a sip of wine. Repeat.

And the good news is: even if it isn't an appropriate time to pour a glass here, it probably is over there!

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