Monday, July 09, 2007

Please tell me why...

A Taiwanese chef is catching flack from animal rights activists for serving a way-too-fresh fish, partially deep fried yet still twitching. Amazing. Gross? Incredibly. Inhumane? Maybe. Outright wrong? I don't think so.

but wait... there's more!

On the same page, an adorable slide show of ___ obese cats. Why are the animal rights activists not screaming over this one? Wasn't there a story of British authorities removing an obese child from his mother's care? Why are fat cats immune to the wrath of activists and fish get it?

But speaking of fat cats...

Follow along with me for a moment.
We recently adopted a large cat. After we got him home, we skimmed over his veterinary records, showing that he had been originally rescued in July 2005. That can't be right. Although a year and a half in a cage might explain his 18 lb register on our bathroom scale. Long story short, this cat fell ill, requiring care beyond our means. So we returned him to the rescue agency, per our 'contract' with them (which also required such things as promising to keep the cat indoors - I am convinced this furthered his weight problem and even caused this habit of ingesting large quantities of foreign objects.)
I know I said short, so let me get to my point.
When we arrived to turn him back in, the woman handling the papers, etc all but accused me of neglect, for the simple act of choosing (as the rightful owner of this cat) not to over-extend our finances for this animal. And of course, they take no responsibility for their part in making him as fat as he is/was. By saving every animal they can, don't they contribute to pet overpopulation? How is that humane? Every pet they save has to endure part (in this case up to a year and a half!!!) of its life confined to a cage, to only then be confined - unnaturally - for the rest of its life to the indoors. And this is 'saving it's life.' Let's get some perspective here, people!

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