Saturday, April 28, 2007

pocket kitty...

It occurred to me that maybe I should post links to the patterns I have been using... Mostly I trawl crochetpatterncentral. That's where I found the Easter rattle, turtle, and poc kitty. I finished Mia's honeycomb sunhat (pattern from bythehook) last week in the same strawberry pink ombre as the kitty, but it was too big. I passed it on to a friend before I could get a picture.
I am still working on Mia's sundress, the skirt is fifteen inches from the bottom of the bodice. The stitching got monotonous after the first four inches, which is why I have been sneaking in these other little projects. I am about half way down the skirt now, then a little trim work around the bodice. Won't be too long. She doesn't believe that I am making her a dress because it isn't pink (I chose a light green with white stripes.)

Oh and I had my sewing machine tuned up for the first time since I received it as a gift almost 12 years ago. I had to stop mid-project because it was not stitching evenly and would periodically spit out gobs of bobbin thread. So when I finish topstitching my placemats, I'll post a picture of them too. They were made entirely of remnant fabric for a total cost of about $10 for all eight of them, that includes the cost of a can of stain resistor spray starch. That's $1.25 each, you can't find placemats that cheap, even at Walmart.

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