Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Sorry for the excess of photos...

We are really enjoying the new camera and its ease of use. The memory card comes right out and goes straight in one of five slots on the front of the cpu. In addition, the camera came with an accessory kit which included a tabletop tripod, lens cloths, memory card storage wallet, rechargeable batteries and charger, etc, and something with a USB plug on one end and a memory card reader on the other end, I think, er- something like that. Like I said, we just slide the memory card into the slot and it's done.
But anyway, here's more pictures...

This one is for you, Uncle T. You'll be happy to know that, thanks to Pop Pop and you, every time I get out the camera, Mia makes a bee line for the benches and whips her brothers into line. 'It's benches time, boys.' She insists that benches are for taking pictures.
Also, I would like to post this disclaimer: The disparity between pictures of Mia and pictures of the boys in not intentional on our part. Mia simply sticks closer to me, especially when the camera is out, while the boys, as they are older and male, are not as interested in posing for the pictures. This was taken Friday night at a local farm which runs a petting zoo, gift shop, hay rides, etc and family style country restaraunt.

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