Monday, February 13, 2006

still going

Simon is still going strong, and making it to the bathroom more times than not. First thing this morning he even took off his night time diaper and went in the potty instead of the diaper!

I can sense that Chas is feeling an attention-vacuum in light of Simon's success. He has been unusually clingy. So today I have been giving him chances (on the sly) to do things that only the oldest child can do, like empty the dishwasher. I only asked him to do the silverware and anything that goes in the lower cabinets. I went to the bathroom and came back. He had recruited Simon and delegated him to do the silverware and the plastic cups, then he had done the rest, stacking things that go in the upper cabinets neatly. He told me how he was very careful with the sharp knives. He also went looking for a lost puzzle piece and ended up 'fancying up' the foyer table. Those were his words. He seems happier today.

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