Monday, February 13, 2006

jack pot!

Tonight after dinner and before dessert, Simon made a visit to the potty as I requested. I can't help but be (pleasantly) surprised everytime he actually follows directions. But then he came running down the hall into the living room, and I am sure he went airborne into my arms in pure, undiluted JOY. He had pooped in the potty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nana was here for the happy moment, as I was about to leave for an evening gathering with other homeschool moms. The meeting is usually meant to be a discussion to motivate us moms, the primary educators of our children. Tonight, however, was a panel discussion consisting of four moms of varying family makeups and schooling styles. It was geared towards those of us new to homeschooling. We listened to their descriptions of a typical day in their household, and then had a question and answer session. The basic gyst of it all was this: there are a lot of very nervous new-to-HS mothers around here, and they all need to relax and let the children go at their own pace, with maybe a little prodding and encouragement to keep them moving forward. I actually learned more watching the panel speakers moderate the discussion, involving everybody and not letting one person dominate the discussion.

Okay it is late. Gotta get some rest.

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