Monday, February 06, 2006

Boys in Snow

Chas and Simon returned Sunday afternoon from a weekend trip to Boone NC with Nana and Pop Pop. They stayed with my brother and his new wife at their condo. They were delighted with the snow storm that came along Saturday afternoon and even got to play in the 23 degree weather Sunday morning - snow angels, snow balls and all! I am working on posting a picture here.

Mi and I spent a very quiet, very uneventful weekend at my sister's place in Durham. Mia has taken to adding '-ie' to everyone's names, as in Bobby (their dog), Jimmy (my brother-in-law), and Josee (my sister, no longer Jos), and of course we mustn't forget 'nursies'. We enjoy the quiet at Josee's house.

Tim is traveling out of town for a while. For safety reasons, I won't discuss his travels here. Contact me via email or phone if you're interested in what he's up to. I can say that we will not be selling the house and moving back to Jacksonville this Spring as planned, nor will we be moving Fort Mead in the summer. Things change fast around here.

Overall we are doing well. I am sorry I haven't been able to post much on the blog. It has become necessary to have some schooling time for the boys nearly everyday. And Mia needs her mommy more than ever. She is changing so much everyday. She talks in three word phrases, using verbs and adjectives as well as nouns. Tonight she even combined some sign language with words to ask a question, which she then answered in a three word phrase, while half asleep and fighting to stay awake. Wow! Simon spends his days getting better acquainted with the porcelain throne. We are all trying to keep cool about this, as it is likely to be a marathon event. Chas is reading everything he can get his hands on, as well eating everything in sight. He is having a growth spurt, it seems. Both boys seem to have abandoned Thomas the Tank Engine and Bob the Builder in favor of super heroes (Spiderman, Superman and Batman, especially) and Transformers. Nana and Pop Pop remember buying Transformers for my little brothers not too long ago. They spend oodles of time on, which helps when I have to tend to my little barnacle baby.

Please don't hestitate to phone or email us. It's pretty quiet around here during the week at night after the kids go to bed.

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