Friday, February 10, 2006

adventures in porcelain...

Simon is progressing in his endeavor. He has had several actual successes, one day he actually made it more times than not, and he has begun telling me when he doesn't make it - a major improvement. This morning I heard him going into the cabinet to get a dish towel to clean up an accident, on his own! A few days ago, he wouldn't tell anybody, we would only find out when one of us stepped in a puddle. Gross. So, a major improvement!! And this morning, he even told me 'yes ma'am', instead of 'no thanks' when I told him that he needed to go try after breakfast.

Forgive me please for discussing the poor child's bodily functions here. I am trying to stay positive about it all and writing seems to help. I'll try to keep vague about the details, spare you all.

(the secret of his success thus far: I am strongly encouraging - read: not forcing - him by insisting that he stay put until he goes, and indulging him in lots and lots of ice cold cups of water in fancy cups with lids and straws. oh, and he is permitted to take the child size portable potty where ever he needs - he doesn't like to be alone.)