Tuesday, October 04, 2005

some pictures from our road trip

Where am I? ...at a rest area somewhere on I95 in SC.

Tim took this one himself, see the reflection of his arm in his mirror lenses?

FREEEEEEEE! They were just happy to be out of the van.

Chas enjoys reading to Simon.

At South of the Border on the way home on Sunday. We stopped there to ride to the top of the sombrero tower thing, whatever you call it. And learned something very interesting about South Carolina's Health Department: apparently they don't require restaurants to conspicuously post their sanitation grade. (I don't know this positively, but the men - Chas, Simon, Tim and PopPop - ate at the hot dog joint, and when I came in a few minutes later, I found the place absolutely disgusting. Yet I couldn't find the sanitation grade posted anywhere.)

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