Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Road Trip

A short weekend jaunt to SC turned up no Mini Cooper for Tim. The dealer pulled a bait and switch, the car we had in mind to buy had been painted and trimmed with a Coca Cola decal, and he had raised the price by a thousand dollars. On top of that, it was buried in a warehouse and hadn't been driven in three months, was in need of a tune up. Tim is pretty angry with the guy, rightfully so. And we left with out the car. Tim is still looking, but coopers are hard to come by, we'll have to travel out of state to pick it up if we ever find one. And they are in such demand that they can be pricey. It was disapppointing, but we still managed to enjoy ourselves - Pop Pop came along for the ride and showed us around Charleston a bit. We have lots of pictures to share.

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