Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Question of the Day

Just how does one keep the baby from climbing on the table during school lessons??

The walls were crashing down around us this morning as I struggled to get through just a few minutes of lessons. Mia climbed on the table and before I could get to her, she had knocked her high chair tray on the floor and cheerios and raisins and gnawed pieces of plum went _everywhere_. Meanwhile, Chas was fixing juice for both he and his brother, but spilled one on his math work. While he was getting a towel, I went off to get the broom and dustpan. When I got back, Chas was cleaning the spill and Mia was back on the table dipping the markers in my coffee. Mia now knows how to climb up on the furniture. Last night, after helping her self to some stale poptart from the kitchen table - she was apparently on some sugar high, she then climbed up on the couch and was running back and forth from one side to the other. She crashed hard very soon after, not on the floor, but in my arms - we had barely rocked through one lullaby and she was out like a light. She has also figured out how to use the child's potty as a stool and climb into the bath tub, she usually follows me in there while I am cleaning or 'reading'. We play peek a boo with the shower curtain.
I don't remember the boys being this busy. I fear for her safety and, apparently, cannot leave her for a minute.
The kids and I went out early this morning to beat the hurricane and secure all the toys and lawn furniture. Then Chas rolled the trash cart in from the street, all by himself. It was empty but still awkward. And he help it open while Simon and I tossed in some yard waste. We also cleaned up the deck, they decided what might blow away in a strong wind and put it all in the deck box. So we are prepared for heavy wind and rain for an extended stay of Hurricane Ophelia. Ironically our unit study this week is weather. How convenient. No shortage of History Channel programs and news reports on this topic.

So really, though, if anyone has any ideas of how to keep the baby off the table during school lessons, PLEASE leave a comment.

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Anonymous said...

Caroline has "crib time" every day. It's usually in the morning so that I can get ready (shower, breakfast, etc.). I put lots of toys in her crib and play some music for her and usually she enjoys it for a while. Just a thought.