Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Mia made it!

Here she is - in all her one-ness. Her first birthday was yesterday and PopPop and Nana gave her this lovely toy stroller this morning. She is so delighted to have something of her own. She spent the first part of the afternoon screeching at anyone who touched it, then by the end of the day she was screeching at anyone who looked at or walked past her while she was playing with it. We have decided to combine her birthday party with Chas' and are planning it for after Tim returns. This may be the only year we can get away with it. I told Chas that we would have separate cake, and separate gifts, but share the guests and food. But he offered to share his cake with her. He thought we could make it half ladybug and half pirate's treasure box. Hmmm. That would be pretty frightening. Enjoy the picture, and thanks for keeping up with the Lewis family blog!

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maryellenlewis said...

Soooo cute!