Friday, July 29, 2005

Suspend Mail

Please suspend any mail to Tim for the time being. I am waiting for him to tell me his new address. He is still in Iraq, but with a different unit. His original parent unit is going home, and their replacement is coming in. He sounds excited about the change. This new unit will be 2nd Bn 2d Marines, which he was with on ship in 2002 and on the ground in Iraq the first time, right when the war started in March 2003. He says he has already run into an old friend.
But until I get his new address, we risk losing packages in the transfer. I'll post it when I get it.

The kids are doing well. Mia has a new trick, sitting in the little chair in the playroom. It took a few tries, but she finally figured it out. It was so cute to see her little feet dangling, sipping juice and munching a cracker. It didn't last long though. She figured out how to climb onto the table. Then she figured out she could stand on the table. Mia's pretty tough though, when she fell off (only once), she got right back up and climb up there again.
Simon and Chas are doing well also. They have missed their Nana whle she was in Italy for three weeks. She returned last night - I think. When I called to see if her flight had arrived, they were circling around the storms. The storms continued well past midnight. Simon even told me that the storms "waked" him up in his bed last night. He is talking so well. He went to Mother's Morning Out on Wednesday and absolutely loved it! The teachers said they had no trouble understanding him at all. Chas went that day to Tim and LeAnn's and went swimming, painted with watercolors, and watched a movie.
Mia also went to MMO that same day and I went shopping at the mall. I hate the mall. Keep your hand at the level of your eyes. (That's a line from Phantom of the Opera.) I really felt like I had to keep up my guard and not be influenced by the suggestive images and gritty sales tactics. I was strong, and only bought sale priced items. Three pairs of shoes and three dresses. I think the receipt said I had almost $400 dollars of overpriced clothing, which I only paic $150 for.
We are off to Susan's in Wilmington for the day. We haven't seen them since - I don't know - a looooong time. More later, and I'll post Tim's address when I get it.

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