Monday, August 01, 2005

Simon's Lucky Day

Simon had a close encounter with a nightlight, a metal cymbal, and an electrical outlet this afternoon. He is miraculously unhurt, but significantly frightened. He was trying to pry the nightlight out of the socket with the metal toy cymbal from their music set. It was enough of a shock to throw the nightlight out of the wall and trip the circuit. It did not shock him, but it did create sparks which he described as a ' big firework'. Chas was very sympathetic and offered to get Simon a drink or snack, and let him choose a movie and even got the movie started. Simon said that made him feel better. For quite a while afterward, he kept repeating the story over and over, and choking up, sticking out his bottom lip when he go to the fireworks part, almost dissolving into tears each time.
I got online after dinner tonight and searched for a safety nightlight. I thought surely someone has figured out how to incorporate a safety outlet cover and a nightlight. But alas, a google search for 'safety nightlight', turned up no such thing. Then I tried 'safest nightlight', and found a site - Elumina - which makes a very cool, and very affordable - $5.99 - safety nightlight. Their front page copy made the interesting point that virtually all the nightlights out there are marketeted and designed to match a child's room. This makes them very attractive to children, AND they happen to be conveniently at a child's level. Their nightlight has a protective, nonconductive sleeve that covers the prongs until they are completely removed from contact with the eletrical outlet. Well, I ordered two. They'll be here soon.

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