Thursday, July 07, 2005

Independence Day in Iraq

Well, this was a surprise, we did NOT have fireworks for the fourth. Everyone here was quite relieved. Work drags on, but luckily, hours turn into days and days turn into weeks... and soon I'll be back home. As I always tell Jax, we're one day closer than yesterday.

Everything is going well. We've had a few 'hiccups' along the way, but we've recovered. I know I've been a bit quiet about what all goes on out here. It's really nothing to just throw out there without being able to talk with somebody. How do you just post, "I got shot at again today, boy aren't we lucky they can't aim." without having a thousand questions thrown out, not able to be answered until next time I have access to the web? I promise I'll have more than enough time to share stories after I get back.

Thank you all again for the encouragement you've given to me out here as well as the huge amount of love and support everyone has extended to Jackie and the kids back home.


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