Monday, June 27, 2005

a treat...

Saturday was Simon's birthday party. We had a HotWheels theme. Jim and Josee, Tim and LeAnn, and Nana and PopPop were there, and my girlfriend from Jacksonville came with her two kids, Ashlyn and Devin. Acccording to Simon, the exact moment he turned three was sometime around the cake/candles coming out. For weeks he has been saying that when he's three he'll go potty. I tried to ask him to go that morning after breakfast, he told me he's not three yet. After the cake and presents, he agreed to go try. Not much success in actually getting there on time. For now, it is an improvement that he is beginning notice when he is going in his training pants.
While he was in there, we got a phone call from Tim. He has apparently moved again. He is back near the prison, for now. Everyday is different, he never knows where he'll be the next day. But we set up a chat date for the next day, Sunday afternoon. So after church we crashed at Nana's for lunch. Mia took a nap, the boys played quietly. My dad set up the webcam. And Tim and I chatted on yahoo messenger for an hour and half. We shared music files and pictures from the party. He was in such a good mood. It was perfect.
As far as the kids, though... let's see... Mia has learned to shake her head no, and even nod for yes. And play peek-a-boo, which she showed daddy on the webcam. She would be so cute on video, but my camcorder is not working. Simon is talking more clearly everyday, and Chas is working diligently on finding chores to do to earn his new toy.
This will have to be a short entry, much to do today.

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