Monday, March 02, 2009

On this date in History...

A look at all the March archives since the beginning of this blog...

March 2005 - Tim was on his second tour in Iraq, Mia was about 7 months old, Simon approaching 3 years old, and Chas 4 1/2. We were living in Clayton, having moved back to wait out Tim's deployment near our families.

March 2006 - Our Clayton house was on the market for the fifth and final year, as we grew weary of Tim commuting home from Lejeune on the weekends. Simon moved into the realm of big boys.

March 2007 - Living in DC provided us so many opportunities - like meeting Neal Boortz, talk radio celebrity. We used the ample space in our rented townhome to do some unit studies, and the boys started their own blog.

March 2008 - Our final month of preparations before our first overseas PCS (Permanent Change of Station) was filled with saying goodbye to friends, doctors appointments, and movers and packers coming and going.

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Liya said...

Are'nt you fedup changing to new house every year?I have not experienced any shifting since now.