Sunday, November 09, 2008

They're at it again...

Remember this little homeschooling gem?

They're at it again. This afternoon, I was watching a movie and the kids were... around, but not necessarily watching it. After a bit, they went upstairs to play. They were being a little wild up there, I could hear. But it's been rainy and wet, so they haven't been outside to spend any energy. It's somewhat tolerated some days - at least they were getting along.

Tonight, during clean up leading into 'lamp time' I asked them to gather up the little pieces of what seemed like fifteen different games, building sets, etc. into a big pile in the middle of the rug so we could sort them out. They busted out laughing, yelling 'feed the fire'. They admitted that they had been pretending to 'feed the fire' by throwing toys and bed sheets in the middle of the room. So where on earth did they get this idea?

Well, the movie I was watching is Luther. It's a bit graphic and more than a little hard to understand. I didn't think they were absorbing any of it. But there's a line in the movie spoken by the character Professor Andreas Karlstadt: Feed the fire with every lie ever written in Rome!

I highly recommend this movie. Ralph Fiennes is amazing, as is Sir Peter Ustinov, and many others, whom you'll recognize, by face, if not by name.

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Courtney said...

Hey! thanks for the info! I was talking w/ Alana about the place and the hubby and I just went over there last week. We live really close in the area =) And I would LOVELOVE to know everything you can tell me about the parks! We are totally into finding new awsome parks whenever we can! Especally before it heats up to much! email me!