Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Simple Thoughts

This is all I can muster.

1. Microwave popcorn is a suitable breakfast.

2. Empty laundry baskets can lift a woman's spirits.

3. When I remember the third thought, I will fill it in here.


Jack and Susan said...

Popcorn for breakfast....that's great! If I remember correctly, cowtails for breakfast was common for the two of us in college. Ewww...cowtails. I don't like them now - how about you?

Love you,

nana judith said...

If Cosby can rationalize chocolate cake, then you can certainly justify popcorn. After all, isn't it just cornflakes in a different form? That just popped into my head..
Nana Judith

Anonymous said...

3. Thank you God for Jackie and Tim.
(... read csmdad's Oct. 8th post.)