Monday, October 27, 2008

the one and only political post you will see on this blog

I can't stand it any longer... this has to be said.

Spreading wealth around is NOT giving people an 'opportunity', it's giving them cash.

This is a trap. This leads more and more people to rely on the government to solve their problems. This money will be spent, and then they will be right back where they started, waiting for the next handout. And if you are giving people cash, why would they ever work for it?? I wish I could find some statistics about the numbers of people who go on welfare or take government housing and stay there, unable to wean themselves.

Certainly welfare, food stamps and government health care programs have their place. My issue lies with universal healthcare, universal preschool, social security, and 'wealth redistribution.'

Please do not read this and think what a callous and uncaring person I must be. Allowing people to fall into this trap and to lose all sense of independence by taking handfuls of cash they didn't work for seems uncaring to me.


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The thing I worry about the most when talking about this "gov't do everything idea" is the inability of the gov't to discriminate adequately and cost effectively between those who "can't" and those who "won't" help themselves. And then, by doing for people who "can't" help themselves are we creating people who "won't" help themselves ?

At some point when the sum of the can'ts and won'ts reaches a tipping point the whole system falls apart.

Mary Ellen said...

Atlas always shrugs.

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