Thursday, June 26, 2008

the ultimate non-happiness for our princess...

Last night, Mia took the corner of our coffee table and applied it to her face. She is okay now, with three stitches to her right temple, two surgical glove balloons, 82 princess stickers, and one strawberry milkshake to prove it.
After dinner, as I was finishing up dishes, she was skipping through the house. Until she wasn't skipping anymore, but falling. (This is how she tells it, by the way.) She came up screaming and yelling 'aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh I've never had blood on my cheek before!!!! I am not having any fun.'
We have decided that her brothers are the coolest in the world. They were so calm and obedient helping us get out the door to the hospital - go get a damp towel, find mommy's cell phone, and the phone book, and that notepad where I jotted down the access codes, now a map so we can find the hospital, my ipod with boss' wife's home number in it, etc. They had to get out of pajamas and into their day-time clothes, and they even grabbed books to read to her on the way. And anytime she started freaking out they would distract her by talking to her about her day, or about her friends back in the states, and reassure her that we were almost there. She actually stayed so calm that she fell asleep in the car before we got there. I think this may have freaked out the triage nurses. They might have thought she was unconscious, as they relaxed visibly when I told them she had just fallen asleep in the car.
Tim was working late, but finishing up just as we reached him, so he was able to meet us at the hospital. This was amazing, by the way, as he works at the northern most base, had to change out of uniform, jot down directions, and get gasoline, still he managed to arrive nearly exactly the same time as we did. (He probably took the expressway/toll road.)
We wanted to stay together while she got stitched up, but Simon couldn't handle the screaming, and soon he and I, both, were in tears too. Tim stayed with her (my hero), and the doctor also called a corpsman in to help, and I took the boys out to the waiting area. They finished her up pretty quickly, it seemed, and we were home by midnight. She slept well, and has been [kind of] normal today, not complaining of any pain, really. I am sure she'll be complaining, though, when we tell her that she can't do swim lessons. The stitches come out on Monday, which is our first day of swim lessons, and then there is expected to be another 3-5 days before she can expose it to prolonged moisture. Maybe she'll be okay for the second week of lessons.

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The WilsonFam said...

I hope she is doing well, it was good to talk to you. I will get this time thing straight and call at a decent hour next time. Love ya