Monday, June 02, 2008

Conversational Japanese Class

I have been fortunate to find a conversational Japanese class at the community center on the Air Force base. It meets two nights a week, for an hour and a half, for three weeks. I was surprised that the cost was only $30. I feel bad, because I know Tim wanted to take the class too. But without a sitter - and really we wouldn't leave the kids with a sitter twice in a week anyway - we are taking turns. He'll be able to take it next month.
Also, I have met someone on and we are working out details to possibly have a class on how to use our new DSLR, right here in our own house - again with the sitter thing.
Not much else going on, still anxiously awaiting our shipment. It's discouraging that we can't remember what is in the shipment, what could possibly be lost, or could have been put in the wrong shipment. It's like we have been robbed of our memory of a chunk of time, and we are just in a holding pattern, unable to grasp any solid fact with any amount of assurance... until next Monday morning. It's kind of hard to explain, a strange feeling, very foreign to me.

I got some more books out of the library here, I can't tell if any of them are going to 'favorites' per se, but I am enjoying them so far. Thy Kingdom Come, by Randall Balmer and Born on a Blue Day by Daniel Tammet. So far, I would recommend them. Born on a Blue Day is a simple read so far. Thy Kingdom Come is full of political references that don't much interest me, but seem necessary to understand the authors arguments. I am not sure if I'll be able to finish it for this reason.

So I just got a call about the Japanese class - they didn't have enough people sign up, so they canceled it. I am so very disappointed.

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Anonymous said...

Too bad about the shipment delay...hey, how about thinking of it as anticipating Christmas? You're not sure what's in the shipment so it will be such a grand surprise..."oh, I remember you"-"oh, I have missed you so much"-"what could this odd shaped thing be? Oh, yes!" Just a thought...thanks for the updates...too bad about the Japanese class :-(
Maybe they'll try again soon. Aunt Beth