Wednesday, April 16, 2008

USO was so comfortable we slept instead of posting. The boys are finishing up breakfast then we are heading over to our terminal, within walking distance. Today's flight takes us through San Francisco with a plane change there. Not sure how that will work exactly, I believe there is a shuttle to take us from domestic arrivals to international departures. This is kind of where we leave off with the blogging, I may not have time to post from San Fran, unless I can manage to get it done on the shuttle bus over. Thanks everyone for keeping up with us. Soon we'll post with all the great details and what the kids thought of the whole experience. They have been asking to blog, and we are getting a few pictures with our new camera, so we'll post them too.

Please consider donating to the USO in your area, or here at the LAX airport. There are several (5-6) servicemembers traveling alone that have crashed all over the place in here. But it's quiet and clean and there is everything you could ever need, including showers (!) and hot breakfast, books and movies for the kids to take with them if they would like.

Keep us in your prayers, we'll be in Japan in a matter of 15 hours or so.

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