Friday, April 04, 2008

Posting from MILs house tonight. The kids and I made it here fine this afternoon, it was a very quiet trip, peppered with phone calls from Tim updating me on his progress at the office. Someone there was not doing her job and Tim had to babysit her, practically doing it for her, until finally he is officially re-enlisted. He has reapplied for country clearance (apparently they won't let us into Japan without this clearance), which should take less than one business day. He left sometime around 5:30 tonight to make the 6 plus hour trip here to meet us. He'll be tired, but he needs to be here with us rather than in a hotel alone again.

We'll be chillin' here for a few days, besides going to church - Papaw will play guitar (I think) in the service - we'll maybe catch a movie, walk to the park, I plan to crochet with my MIL, probably every night. We are counting down 11 days till our flight out of RDU.

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maryellenlewis said...

I am looking forward to seeing you and the kids! We're already mostly packed and we're not leaving for 3 days.