Tuesday, April 01, 2008

almost out...

Movers came today, the last shipment, not counting the (amazingly large amount of) stuff weĺl be carrying with us for the next 13 days and beyond. Very disappointed that they arrived late, reeking of alcohol, and moving slower than sloths. They also over estimated existing damage to our furniture and left trash all over the house. This being only our second military sponsored moving experience, it was surprising that a moving company who had won a government contract would take so little care to keep said contract. Fortunately, the military has quality control personnel available to help us negotiate for the best service from these moving companies. They have been on the phone with us and/or out to visit the house on every moving day so far.
The kids stayed at a friendś house this morning and some of the afternoon. Tonight and tomorrow night we are staying at a temporary living facility (hotel) on our nearby base, not Timś base, but the one where we met all of our homeschool friends. Tonight as they were reading before lights-out, Simon had his nose in a Japan travel guide, peeking out to tell me about things that interested him. This is not a childrenś book, per se, but he is actually reading this stuff. He turned to me and said 'Japan has some really nice places. I really happy we´re going there.' They do seem excited that we are finally taking a sizeable, noticeable, real step towards actually leaving. I feel like this is dragging on and on; we´ve been saying good bye to friends for two months now. Just put me on a plane already.

So tomorrow we meet the house keepers and carpet cleaners in the morning, then meet some friends at the park for one last play date. Thursday, we should be meeting our landlord for final inspection and then hitting the road for NC.

I just wanted to let you now where we stand and whatś next for us. Our home number is being forwarded to Timś cell phone, so if you need us... Also we have internet connection at the hotel, so we are checking email periodically. Thanks for checking in!

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