Friday, March 07, 2008

food, shelter, and love

"Mia? Do you know why you are in timeout?"
"It's just that I didn't see my foot heading towards Charlie's transformer, and then I didn't see my foot heading toward his head."

She's really a sweet girl. She just fixed me a cup of (pretend) tea, and earlier after unloading the dryer, she stated that she was "just going to sit down and fold this basket of clothes." And she did, about three pieces of it, anyway- including a blouse of mine which she buttoned up (inside out, but I am not complaining) from neck to hem, all the buttons lined up exactly.

Good news about our 8 hour layover in LAX - there is a USO there. A pretty big one actually, right in the airport, and open 24 hours! They serve complimentary meals, snacks, and drinks, bathrooms with showers, internet, video game systems, recliners and couches, wide screen televisions, current and classic movies, children's playroom with napping cots/cribs, and complementary "essential" items in case of lost luggage (or in our case, I am not sure if the airline will give us back our luggage for the night, only to check it back in again, we would want to shower, brush teeth, whatever.)

Reminds me of this bit about those handy airline "essentials kits" from stand-up comedian Brian Reagan (the joke is about 2:15 into the clip here...)

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