Saturday, September 29, 2007

almost through packing

If you didn't catch the news yet, let me give you the short version: our landlord lied to us and then let the house we are renting go into foreclosure. It was seized by the bank on September 10, and they have offered us some cash in exchange for vacating quietly without destroying the place. They gave us two weeks, which we were already planning for. We had already found a place by the time they came around anyway, piecing together information from mailings we were receiving, searching the internet, consulting the legal assistance office on our military base, and scraping together the money for the deposit on a new place. We'll have to take the landlord to court if we want to see the deposit for this place ever again. Believe me, we have already looked into this and it shouldn't be too expensive or difficult to do on our own. By law, he has until October 19 to return the funds, so we wait, but we are prepared to file the following day.

We will be moving to the new place this Tuesday, and turning in our keys here on Wednesday afternoon. We have been packing like maniacs for three or four days now and we are exhausted. We were spoiled the last time - the military arranged for our move.

So we'll get an email note out to you all soon with our new address, but our phone number and email will be the same.

Miles to go before we sleep...

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