Thursday, August 16, 2007


I just love this post from the yahoo group for our new h/s curriculum.

MW wrote:
> I wanted to check in and reiterate that schooling the KONOS way is
> fun..for the kids, and esp. for mom. We are traveling through Russia,
> Land of Endurance. Convinced that this is the Lord's timing for our
> family and this unit..I am continually amazed at the daily applications
> of the current lesson. The Bible portions are such a blessing and a
> wonderful springboard into discussions with my children. My oldest has
> opportunity to apply the memory verses immediately on not giving
> up..enduring in the face of difficulty.
> Yesterday was our Communist lesson. I was, of course Mother Russia
> (found a printable communist flag
> at google images for the activity.) After reading some library books
> about Marx and communism..we jumped into our daily activities. Each
> child was to bring me (the govt.) their most precious possession..for my
> 13yo, it was his new black razor cel phone which he purchased and pays
> the connection with his lawn mowing jobs, for my 2 younger sons, it was
> their guitars which they are anticipating beginning guitar lessons next
> month. and my daughter her pink blanket. I received these items and
> then gave each of them a plastic lid as exchange as my perceived
> "value". We continued the discussion on economics, value, supply,
> demand, communism and capitalism. The items were then re-distributed at
> the govt. discresion, with some other items substituted and added. The
> guitars went into my "warehouse". The store activity was
> child as storekeeper, one as potato farmer and the other 3 as govt.
> factory workers. each rec'd 3 cents to each buy one potato at one cent
> each for their families. The first child bought all 3 potatoes
> available in the store (after govt., grocer and farmer kept some).
> Better luck next time huh? Next was the Lunch activity. You know, the
> one where lunch is re-distributed at the mother's choice. After some
> complaints, and one prayer..the offenders(no prayer in athiest communist
> countries allowed, neither are complaints to the freedom of
> speech either) were sent to Siberia (utility bathroom) Hilariously..the
> phone unexpectedly rang from Siberia! Mike who had rec'd the
> redistributed cel phone called us on the phone to check in from
> Siberia! As you can imagine..shortly after there was a revolt from the
> masses. The children gathered their stick horses from the Obedience
> unit and their dirty laundry as missiles and attacked the govt. This
> was spontaneous and evidently based on our previous discussions on
> earlier revolutions..
> Last night I had to shoo my 13yo to bed because he was caught up on
> reading our library books on the Berlin Wall..he kept saying, "This is
> pretty interesting..I didn't know that..or I didn't know this..".
> They won't forget this lesson soon..even my 5yo has an inkling of what
> the lessons are about and everyone can participate together.
> KONOS works.
> M in OK
> 13yods,11yods,8yods,5yodd, 2yods

And, if you can stomach it, here's a link to Neal Boortz where you can read an excerpt from his book Somebody's Gotta Say It. See if you can find the parallels.

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